What is the experience of driving a Ford Mustang?

Driving a four-generation Mustang (2003 V6 3.8L), renting five generations of wild horses, sitting six generations of wild horses, touching three generations of wild horses, and seeing the first and second generation wild horses through the guardrail, so I specially answered the questions.(Never show off the affair, the answer will be answered in a very very modest and cautious attitude, intended to introduce the knowledge of this legendary “famous car”) My car is second-hand. I used to have two owners. The first owner was a big god. I modified a full set of audio, wheels, suspension, lights, and a power amplifier and an oversized low speaker inside the trunk. Very good maintenance. The car of the year 2003 has been bought for 11 years, but the appearance is still very new, showing how good the car owner is to maintain the car. The second owner was a 17-year-old boy who went to college after buying it for a year. Then his father helped him sell the car, and I took over. His father was a mechanical professor at the university. When the car was a little sick, he drove the car to school and several colleagues to pick up the problem.

Driving feeling: Acceleration performance is excellent, very stable and linear. Because it is a rear-wheel drive, I feel that the power is constantly pushed from behind, and there is a big difference between the front and the front. The car body is not long, but it is very wide, so it is very stable at high speed, especially in a straight line, like a tank. The tires replaced by the former owner were wider than the original one, so it was more stable.  The sound is great, every time someone else is loaded, it will scare people when they start. And this is the V6 version. If you have a V8 version on the road, you will demonstrate to me. The V8 sounds louder. The whole car is extremely resistant, so I often tell my friends that the wild horse is simply a combination of truck + sports car. The key time is not to drop the chain. Because the wild horse is designed with a lot of margin, the material is very solid, so it is not easy to break. (Know, how many people are going to burn the tires)

Disadvantages: Suspension is very bad, it is a nightmare when passing the speed bump and the railway. However, the 2015 New Mustang has a lot of independent rear wheel suspension. The turn is very bad, and it is easy to drift if the speed is not reduced. Some people like this feeling very much. Anyway, I don’t like it. It is very dangerous to get out of control when it should not be out of control. When I was at high speed, I reacted slowly. The speed was not reduced in time. The rear wheel floated directly and almost fell into the lawn and scared the urine. Because the Mustang body is very wide, it is not easy to turn over, basically it is drifting. Snowing in winter is also a nightmare. The Mustang is a front-mounted rear drive, so there is nothing to press on the rear wheel as a power wheel. Basically, the snow will not move, and the place will turn the wild horse can only sit two people. The latter two seats are basically reserved for the children. It is just a matter of living and sinning. The trunk is small.

After finishing the experience, I will talk about the background of the wild horse and some understanding of the wild horse in the United States. The previous answer explains the evolution of the American muscle car what changes have the American muscle car experienced since its appearance? What is the connection between these changes and the culture and aesthetics of different periods? – Knowing the user’s answer, the name of the Mustang comes from the hero of the World War II, the Mustang P51 fighter, and is the number one fighter in the world today. The air combat results cannot be surpassed, and the Japanese army’s Zero and Blast fighters were subjected to a tragic air massacre. Therefore, the name of the wild horse itself carries the patriotic feelings of the Americans themselves.

The production Mustang was launched in 1964, when the muscle car and motor sports started, so the wild horse came out very popular, the specific reason mentioned above. Later, the Ford Mustang changed every 10 years and it has been passed down. In the United States, the possession of wild horses is very high, but it cannot be said that all the streets are full, basically they have been left as a memorial. Most of the running on the street now is 3, 4, 5, and 6 generation wild horses. The most acclaimed is the 5th generation Mustang: It is a banner of the opening of the car in the establishment of the car, which is commendable. It is really not easy to make the car design beautiful and masculine. The 5th generation Mustang has done this. It is also the success of the 5th generation Mustang, which set off the prelude to the rejuvenation of the muscle car. The 5th generation Mustang is also more common on the road. There are also 3 generations of wild horses running on the road: However, the three generations of horses look awkward, a bit like grass mud horses, and generally do not like too many people. The 4th generation of the Mustang Road is more common, but it is very Japanese, and the controversy is not small:

Many people have accused the ford mustang gt custom fit cover design at that time not tough enough. Oh, in fact, this is hard to say There is a saying in the United States called No great cars exist after 1974. Because the muscle car was basically extinct after 1974, the muscle cars have been transformed The same is true for wild horses. In order to survive, only new attempts can be made, so this is a last resort. Look at the bumblebee at the same time, and will continue to say wild horses: The bumblebees are almost made into hawthorn slices. At that time, the general situation was nowhere to be found. Mustangs are generally from a5-b4, such as 1965 (1964)-1974, 1975-1984, 1995-2004, 2005-2014. This year is 2015, the day when the new generation of Mustangs was born. This is also the first time that Mustang has entered China. I believe that more people will continue to contact the Mustang. So my answer is to be a joke.

The production of Mustang has several series in the past, V6 Base, V8 GT, Cobra series. The V6 is the basic configuration, the V6 engine, with an output of approximately 190 horsepower. But it is also very big, this configuration is basically the GT top level of other cars. The V8 GT version is a more advanced version. Generally, the engine is different. The corresponding cooling accessory equipment is different. The other is no different. The GT car will have the GT logo on the back and next to it. The V8 GT version delivers a powerful output of 400 hpThere is also the Cobra series, which is the official top-of-the-line configuration of the Mustang. In addition to the V8 engine, a super/supercharger is added, with a horsepower of over 500+. The new generation (2015) Mustang also added a new 4-cylinder EcoBoost system. This series of cars does not use the logo of the wild horse’s running foal, but instead uses the logo of a cobra that exposes fangs:

The Cobra series has some history. The Mustang is the most widely used model in DIY, comparable to the Mini 4WD. The front engine compartment of this car has a huge space and it is easy to arrange the configuration you want. A few decades ago, there was a man in the United States called Carroll Shelby. The biggest dream of the Texans was to build the most NB sports car with the most NB engine. He likes wild horses very much, so he professionally modifies wild horses. He removed the accessories of the Mustang and then replaced it with his own exclusive accessories, which made his wild horse modification amazing and the horsepower far exceeded the original. So he set up the company to specifically modify the wild horse, and then sold the modified car. Later, Ford bought the naming rights of Shelby and named the most suitable series of the Mustangs as Shelby Mustang or Mustang Cobra. The car will be designed by Shelby’s predecessors and will be printed with Shelby’s autograph on the right side of the car’s inner panel. As mentioned above, in general, the Mustangs change every 10 years, and the design of the first five years and the last five years of each generation will have a big change; in the last two years, the Cobra series will generally be launched. So the year of the Cobra series is only 2003, 2004, 2013, 2014And the Mustang will also launch Shelby special series from time to time to stimulate the market, such as Shelby GT500, Shelby GT350R, etc., and these special series are not for the average consumer.

The Cobra series is a must-have collection for Mustang fans and a must-have for refitters. Mr. Shelby is really a modified male god. His transformation of the Mustang is amazing, both in performance and appearance. Sometimes it is such a small change, the whole car is different. His modifications to several generations of Mustangs are great, and I will make some comparisons here This is a comparison between the original 1967 and the 1967 Shelby GT500: On the left is the original Mustang. It feels like an obedient pony. On the right is Shelby’s modified wild horse. It feels like the body is full of strength. It is just a black horse, ready to attack forward. It has been said that the manipulation of the wild horses in the corners is not satisfactory and often drifts. As a result, everyone gradually became a new idea. Since he likes to drift, he simply let him drift. So, you will see a gliding soap on the drifting field: Every time I see his car, I want to laugh, because it’s hard to imagine a 100-meter-sports muscular man going to the waltz, and jumping and screaming when he sprints a hundred meters.

Then basically all the wild horses will come from all parts of the state, like the running hall Everyone is a car friend, and they are happy. Of course, there are people who open the wild horse. It may be a grandfather with a white hair, or a teenage girl. But no matter who opens, you will feel that this person is very optimistic, very up, very independent, very brave. Maybe this is the feeling that the wild horse brings. There is also a very important advantage to forget that the configuration of the Mustang is quite rich, especially with seat heating and ventilation! Warm winter and cool summer home travel essential. Regarding the soft top convertible , there are many worried about buying a car. For example, how to wash the car, whether it will be cold in winter, whether it will leak rain, whether it will be crushed by snow, and whether there will be noise. So far, most of them have been worried about it. They can wash the car room normally, and they will not leak or be crushed by snow. They are satisfied with the occasional abnormal noise. Buying a car is because the sophomore moved out of the school dormitory. It is inconvenient to have no car in the big countryside. The budget given by the family is 25,000. The used cars in this section cover most of the mainstream models in the United States, including the 328 after the change, the previous generation c300 (the new c does not come), and Komalo what is the price. . Even the 28,200,000 can get the Touareg or the big cut with a good condition of around 30,000 miles, and the five-series and E-class similar cars are also at this price Deep-rooted capitalism.